Raman Frey

How many of our most
pressing challenges are rooted
in destructive incentives?

How might we design and deploy new incentive systems to create a more just and thriving world?

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DEEPLY CONNECTED: Integrity, Ambition and the Power of Commerce to Drive Ethical Progress

“Ultimately, Deeply Connected is about empowering a nascent generation of business leaders to marry the idealistic and the practical, to align their “intrinsic motives” with profit motive, to feel good about how we all treat others and are treated and to reveal all the strategic advantages that come from this new and/both hybrid of values driven commerce.”

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THE JOURNAL: Hyper-Capitalism or a World Without Need

“Those who most benefit from the status quo see how the trust-propagating and dis-intermediating potential of these new technologies threatens their holds on the manufacture of scarcity, the drivers of buying behaviors.”

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A Manager’s Job Is Making Sure Employees Have a Life Outside Work

“Fear is not the same as respect, and kindness is not the inverse of competence. People who believe their work truly benefits others and who are treated with respect in the workplace simply produce better results.

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DISPATCH LABS: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the Reasons Why

“Over the years, the incentives of command and control systems as they exist now, of our current “more is better” system of commerce, is to concentrate power and wealth in fewer and fewer hands.”

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Good People Dinners.

For the last eighteen years, Raman Frey has built communities, bringing people together around meaningful conversations about art, technology, religion, politics and philosophy.  Good People Dinners is a Bay Area community focused on substantive discussions, usually over food and drink.  These dinners, corporate salons, overnights and retreats bring together professional chefs and speakers on a wide range of topics.  GP Dinners has operated for 6 years, producing nearly 200 events and counting.




Raman Frey spoke at the July 10, 2018 rendition of Transformation2030. His theories on wealth accumulation, distribution, and transfer can be found on Medium. During his speech, he touched the hearts of the audience and he made them think critically about the way business and life are structured. Watch now to find out more.