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Can Blockchain Incentivize Better Workplace Cultures? - with Raman Frey

Raman Frey sits down with Wisdom Lab’s Michael Taft to discuss being nicer at work, and how processes, procedures, and choices that you make deeply impact your company’s culture. Raman speaks about coding for integrity using blockchain technology, and the importance of the circle of ethical concern, both in the workplace and for the entire planet and all who reside here.

Conversation includes: The biological imperative of creativity, how safety and trust at work can yield powerful results, the intersection of blockchain technologies and environmental, social and governance impact, and economically incentivizing behavior to create positive change in the world.


Rosie von Lila and Raman take a deep dive into the science of why we categorize ourselves into in-crowds and out-crowds. Explore David Berreby's excellent 2004 book: Us and Them: Understanding Your Tribal Mind on the podcast What Comes Now with Rosie Von Lilia.

Deeply Connected: Integrity, Ambition and the Power of Commerce to Drive Ethical Progress

“Ultimately, Deeply Connected is about empowering a nascent generation of business leaders to marry the idealistic and the practical, to align their “intrinsic motives” with profit motive, to feel good about how we all treat others and are treated and to reveal all the strategic advantages that come from this new and/both hybrid of values driven commerce.”

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THE JOURNAL: Hyper-Capitalism or a World Without Need

“Those who most benefit from the status quo see how the trust-propagating and dis-intermediating potential of these new technologies threatens their holds on the manufacture of scarcity, the drivers of buying behaviors.”

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A Manager’s Job Is Making Sure Employees Have a Life Outside Work

“Fear is not the same as respect, and kindness is not the inverse of competence. People who believe their work truly benefits others and who are treated with respect in the workplace simply produce better results.

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DISPATCH LABS: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the Reasons Why

“Over the years, the incentives of command and control systems as they exist now, of our current “more is better” system of commerce, is to concentrate power and wealth in fewer and fewer hands.”

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What Makes a Person Interesting?

“Wealth without introspection can be shallow. Relentless comfort does nothing to awaken us to life. In fact, it’s put more than one inheritor of a fortune to sleep. There are dangerous slumbers we almost never speak of in becoming rich.”

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GP Social Club: How to Create an Exclusive but not Exclusionary Community

“We’ve now hosted about one hundred twenty sold-out events, and assembled a vibrant community. Every now and then someone comments, “The people here are so incredible. How do you weed out the undesirables?” This leaves me wondering, who are those “undesirables?”

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What is a Good Person?

“One of the wisest people I’ve ever known, who happens to be one of the wealthiest I’ve ever met, once taught me a powerful lesson. When I asked him what the #1 mistake he saw was for his peers in business, without hesitation, he replied that they ‘always show up exactly the same, regardless of context.’”

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